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 High Security Fence  High Security Fence
 High Security Fence  High Security Fence
 High Security Fence  High Security Fence
 High Security Fence  High Security Fence
 High Security Fence  High Security Fence
High Security Fence

High security fence is the ultimate security fencing system made of generally wire mesh panel fences and concertina razor wire toppings. The security fence panel has close mesh opening and horizontal wires that make it an incredibly robust fencing. This system has good through visibility and is also aesthetically pleasing.

High security fence system is now rapidly growing in uses. Panels can be palisade type with sharp tops, posts type and railing types. The fence panels can be also made of common welded mesh wire, expanded metal fencing or other metal materials. 

High Security Fence delivers integrated perimeter security and access control solutions for a wide variety of applications; from the decorative and secure to the secure and intimidating. When high security fencing is the only viable option our specialist products are designed to provide the highest level of protection possible.

Our range of high security fence will allow you to have piece of mind and provide maximum protection against intruders. Each high security fencing system has its’ own specific attributes allowing you to choose the right height security fencing system for you.

To meet the demands on perimeter security in light of new and escalating threats, we have invested heavily in the development of High Security fence systems designed to be employed in the highest security situations, against a range of threats from determined intrusion to the mitigation of collateral damage. This investment were born from a realisation that you can not simply go on stretching the performance limits of existing products against increasingly sophisticated, determined and audacious attacks and expect them to cope.

These pages deal with our High Security Fencing range that includes intruder detection systems and crash rated products and secure storage enclosures.


ANTI-CLIMB: Small openings - no toe or finger holds. High security fence is a superior security barrier for perimeters and critical infrastructure assets, such as bridges, pumping stations, fuel dumps, and chemical plants, and even for window screens, and security cages. High security fence has been installed at nuclear power plants, truck manufacturing facilities, prisons, water treatment plants, railroad facilities, bridges and many other locations

ANTI-CUT: Robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult. High security fence has been the standard for over 20 years for security barrier applications where high security protection is a must. High security fence is routinely used in the word as a security barrier to protect valued assets and to protect the general population from the bad guys.

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